When I was 16, my brother bought me a domain, and my love affair with technology commenced. I found myself looking at step-by-step guides on how to build a website, and my first attempt was rough but I got better. I even entered an Information Systems summer program at Howard University where I felt as though my love for innovation and creativity could truly thrive together. I started doing more web projects and my freelancing lead to a career as a Web Developer for a non-profit, but I wanted to continue to develop my skillset. New York University’s Integrated Digital Media program spoke to me and upon admittance I felt reassured in my reason for being here: to empower others with the resources and tools like I was in my teens. Through the education provided and the experiences that brought me here, I plan to inspire the next generation of innovators.

what I can do

Adobe After Effects
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe XD


ADA Compliance

I am a researcher, first and foremost. I love weird facts. I love searching for the answers to questions no one really asked and going down rabbit holes of information. This genuine curiosity is what made building my first website so easy: I googled how to do it. Whenever I want to know something, I look it up. I exhaust all available resources from regular web pages to forums to online books. I believe in being resourceful above all else, and this has led me to being the youngest researcher at conferences in both Ghana and the United Arab Emirates and become extensively familiar with ADA compliance so I could make accessibility a daily conversation in my work.
Design requires knowledge, which is only possible with clear communication of client needs, analysis of the existing presence and audience, and an in-depth understanding of current and upcoming trends within the digital space and physical realm. Whether it is a website or a wedding invitation, I take into consideration all of the techniques at my disposal and what makes my client happy. I love to sketch things out first, which I attribute to my drawing ability that peaked in 3rd grade. From there I move to a digital draft version with Adobe Illustrator, XD, or Sketch. Final versions are refined or moved into development.
Whether taught in a classroom or at home, I have been able to bring my concepts to life. Being a designer that can also code in various languages such as PHP and Javascript, I have been able to freelance a web designer that fully develops sites as well. Even when using WordPress or Shopify, I am able to add customizations within the theme or plugin files to truly meet all of my client's needs. I have recently expanded to C# as I work in Unity to fulfill various Augmented Reality projects and Processing to expand my creative coding abilities.