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Over 10 years
of experience

(and I’m only 28)

I am Lauren Owen, a creative, from Lithonia, Georgia with an extensive background in design and development spanning over a decade. My love affair with technology began on my 16th birthday, when I was gifted a domain and hosting plan. I was given one instruction: “figure it out.” I did just that, teaching myself the intricacies of web design and development leading to truly fulfilling academic and professional experiences. Through those experiences, I realized that my passion for technology and creativity coexist through imaginative and inventive solutions. I have been able to build an augmented reality experience to commemorate the lives of Black women lost to pregnancy-related deaths, design accessible Morse Code learning games for children with disabilities, and manage the digital products of one of the world’s largest membership organizations. I enjoy finding creative ways we can do the unexpected and truly be innovative effectively and efficiently as well as reading, baking vegan sweets, and playing scrabble.

Academic Background

I received my BBA in Information Systems from Howard University (2012 – 2016) graduating Cum Laude. I was very active in extracurriculars including the School of Business Student Council (Secretary), Honors Program (Secretary and Freshman Representative), Campus Pals (President, Vice President, Program Coordinator), and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. – Alpha Chapter. I later received my Master’s in Integrated Digital Media from New York University (2018 – 2020) where I specialized in augmented reality and worked with Tech Kids Unlimited as a counselor and teacher of digital media to children with learning disabilities. I conducted part of my thesis research on AR and critical language skill development (ABCs of the Galaxy) in Shanghai, China through the NYU Global Research Institute. I graduated May 2020 with a 3.9/4.0 GPA.

Professional Background

While in undergrad, I did freelance web development work all four years and worked part-time as a 3rd grade technology teacher. Internships included an administrative and web design role for Support Our Aging Religious in Washington, DC and a risk and compliance position with AIG in Jersey City, New Jersey. Upon graduation in 2016, I worked full time with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. as the Web Design and Development Specialist and later Product Manager. I worked full-time while being a full-time student at NYU. I left my position to move to Shanghai in December 2019, and upon returning to the States, I freelanced and taught courses in augmented reality for NYU’s summer STEM programs.

I have also written two children’s books, Z is for Zuri Monster and ABCs of the Galaxy. My first novel is currently being developed under my book publishing company Lo&Behold.

Vegan Baking

I adopted a plant-based (often known as vegan) lifestyle in fall 2016. I began exploring recipes specifically desserts. After frequent (and delicious) practicing for myself and others, I started a plant-based treats brand called Peace Love Lo. Check out my content or inquire about vegan oatmeal raisin cookies here.



Image Recognition
Object Recognition
Interaction Design


Adobe Creative Suite
Human-Centered (HCI)
Mobile Apps
Product Design
Usability Heuristics
User Research & Testing
Visual Design


Analytics (Adobe and Google)
Key Performance Indicators
Risk Management
Strategic Planning
Time Management
User Training