Alphabets Got Talent

Morse Code Game Jam

September 13, 2018 – September 16, 2018

Alphabets Got Talent is a Morse code learning game built during a 48 hour Morse Code Game Jam in partnership with The Adaptive Design Association and Google.


Akshansh Chaudhary
Michael Center
Beckett Melville
Lauren Owen

Overview and Demo

The team was paired with an Adaptive Design client who had limited motor functions, so we used two simple switches, usable by our client, to represent the dot and dash of Morse code. These switches then utilized the Google Gboard Morse keyboard to control the output of letters. 

In the game, the user uses the switches to type a letter in Morse Code and an animal with the corresponding name would appear “dancing” and making animal noises. For example an elephant appearing when the user enters a dit (dot), the Morse code for “e.”