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Lanease D. Fuller Law

Website Redesign

A website is one of the most powerful tools a business can have. It allows potential customers to have 24 hour access to a brand and to information on the services available leading to potential leads and new clients. For Attorney Lanease D. Fuller, our goal is to do just that. Redesign the current website to be representative of the brand, optimized for search engines and webpage crawling, as well as accessible and responsive for all users and devices. This redesign follows the UX design process to created a user first experience. The site will also move from its original cms of Wix to WordPress and hosted by GoDaddy. Additionally, custom business emails with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) will be set up.


Attorney Lanease D. Fuller


Lauren Owen


October 2020 – Present


01. Discover

Meetings and workshops to accurately determine client needs, goals, and roles.
Research into best practices and current industry trends.


Discussions with Kennedi Fuller, Lanease D. Fuller’s Publicist, provided valuable insight. After viewing the current site and the sites of other attorneys, we discussed including a variety of images, a community service/activism page, testimonials, a victory list, Covid FAQs and response, a blog of case summaries and results, legal resources, stats and figures, and a Spanish translation feature. 

The next meeting with Lanease D. Fuller went into greater detail on the web redesign process and what we can do to meet her needs. Priority features included an alternative host and CMS, custom business emails for her and her staff, a video introduction, and emphasis on search engine optimization. The tagline “The Action Attorney” was shared as well as an openness to exploring different color palettes and that a new logo was recently acquired.


The workshop was carried out via Zoom that went over competitors (Houston area lawyers) , notable legal sites, layouts, colors, and typography as well as an overview of SEO keywords development, hosting plans, and custom email. Of the competitors analyzed and notable sites discussed, the features and styling that stood out were as follows:

– Spanish translation button
– High resolution graphics
– Page solely for video content
– Prominently placed contact button
– Promotion of texting option
– Simple headers
– Statistics of cases and money won
– Blogs
– Affiliations and credentials
– No specific cases
– Community involvement page
– Online contact and intake forms
– Not including all case results
– Refreshing and personable design
– Inclusion of Houston skyline imagery

Featured image layout and colors that would attract a younger audience were preferred while the Raleway font received the most positive reviews.

Best Practices for Conversions

– Consistent branding
– Use of white space
– Few choices
– Animation and micro-interactions
– Distinct landing pages for SEO and paid ads

Best Practices in General

– Quick load times
– Image size compression
– Limited navigation bar menu
– Inclusion of search feature
– Back to top button

Industry Trends for Law Firms

– Cinemagraphs
– Videos
– Explanatory illustrations
– Asymmetry
– Data Collection
Reference 1Reference 3

Comrade Digital Marketing 2020 Best Law Firm Websites view here
Juris Digital Best Law Firm Websites of 2019 view here

Industry Trends in General

– Minimalism
– Full-page headers
– Dynamic scrolling
– Gradient color schemes
– Bold typography
– Storytelling
Reference 1 | Reference 2


Switch from Wix to GoDaddy

Get custom emails for staff

Pages optimized for search engines and web crawlers

Compatibility with multiple device resolutions

Accessibility functionality


Generate More Qualified Leads

Improve Lead Conversion Rate

Increase Awareness

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Expand IT infrastructure


Site Owner – Lanease D. Fuller

Web Steering Group – Lanease D. Fuller and Kennedi Fuller

Content Producer – Lanease D. Fuller and Kennedi Fuller

Designer – Lauren Owen

Developer – Lauren Owen

02. Define

Using the information gathered, a Statement of Work (SOW) is created including project planning and requirements definition.

The statement was developed from the insights gained previously, shared and approved. Snippets are below.


The purpose of the website redesign is to achieve the following:
– Increase awareness
– Improve customer satisfaction and usability
– Expand IT infrastructure
– Generate more qualified leads
– Improve lead conversion rate


IT Infrastructure
– Switch from Wix hosting to GoDaddy and WordPress
– Set-up SSL certificate (currently expiring December 2020)
– Obtain custom emails for staff using Google Workspace
– Conduct web maintenance training

Web Design and Development
– Collect assets (both English and Spanish)
– Design layout for website
– Incorporate accessible design practices
– Build out design using WordPress, Php, HTML, and CSS
– Optimize each page for search engines and web crawlers
– Ensure compatibility for all device sizes and screen resolutions
– Test site with user groups and collect feedback
– Refine site based on feedback
– Install web traffic analytics tracker
– Launch and troubleshoot


To ensure that we are meeting the most up-to-date governmental and industry standards in the web design process, the following standards and guides will be referenced and adhered to:
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design
– Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (view here)
Search Engine Optimization
– Google SEO Starter Guide (view here)
User Testing
– U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Technology Transformation Service Usability Testing Requirements (view here)
– Just In Mind User Testing Guide (view here)


To measure the success of the site in respect to the aforementioned goals, the following metrics will be analyzed and compared to current analytic data of the site.
– Number of visitors and their source they are arriving from
– Bounce rate (the percentage of visits that go to only one page before exiting a site)
– Average time per page
– Click Through Rate
– Conversion Rate
– Pages indexed in Google Search Console
– Crawl errors

03. Design

After the SOW is approved, work commences on prototypes (multiple variations), functional design, system architecture, test plan, and training plan for client review and feedback.


– Home
– About
– Practice Areas
– Community Work
– Legal Resource Blog
– Media Page (“Action TV”)
– Contact
– Intake
– SEO keyword landing pages
– FAQ (General and Covid)
– Privacy Policy
– Site Map

Page Structure

– Header
     – Logo
     – Contact Information
     – Primary Menu
     – Search
– Main Content
     – Featured Image
     – Title
     – Body
– Footer
     – Contact Information
     – Social Media Links
     – Footer Menu