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Extended Reality (XR) Through Virtual Worlds

Curriculum Development and Teaching

Independently developed augmented reality curriculum and created daily lesson plans on UX design processes, user journeys, and spacial experiences for multiple platforms including iOS and android for New York University’s summer STEM program. Mentored and coached over 30 high school students through daily classes, regular one-on-one sessions and office hours.

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New York University
Tandon School of Engineering
Summer K12 STEM Program


Ahmed Ansari, Supervisor
Brittney McFarlane, Module 1 Teacher
Lauren Owen, Module 2 Teacher


July 2020 – August 2020


Course Objectives

Students will gain a solid understanding of augmented reality technology, its evolution over the years, and the practices and tools necessary to create immersive, storytelling experiences. 

Students will reinvision the games created in Twine as AR experiences and learn about and use the UX design process to build out one scene using an AR platform of their choice.

Lesson Plans

What is Augmented Reality and How Can We Use It? View

Planning Immersive AR Storytelling Experiences View

Designing and Building Augmented Reality Applications View

Feedback and Refinement View

Student Work

Names and other identifying information have been removed to protect student privacy.