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Logo Creation

Using the logo design process, a logo for the loungwear brand Virdity, a subsidiary of Pine and Gnger, will be created.


Viridity x Pine and Ginger


Lauren Owen


February 2021 to Present


01. Design Brief

Understanding the client’s business and their logo desires

Viridity is a sustainable loungewear brand with the slogan “VRDTY made in BKLYN.” 

The client stated interest in using a lettermark with a similar vibe of the Zara logo. The colors are a rich green and a same shade of gold as the Pine and Ginger logo.

02. Research

Research on the industry, competitors, and current trends

In reviewing the logos of fashion industry companies, emphasis is placed on the name of the company, but older and larger companies incorporate subtle icons that are just as represenative of the brand in usage as letterform or brand marks. Iconic and cutting-edge brand logo can be viewed here.

2021 is ushering in more simplicity, negative space, inventive typography, fine lines, and balance, which can be read about more here.

03. Braintsorming

Conceptualization of ideas and possible directions

Brainstorming activities included multiple internet searches on a variety of topics including the following:

  1. Negative Space logos
  2. Sustainability logos
  3. Simple logos
  4. Modern logos
  5. Letter logos

Results are reviewed and some will be used as inspiration for sketches.

04. Sketching

Development of logo concepts based on the brief and research

After review of the collected logos, the client liked Brume and Alto. This feedback was used to create sketches for Viridity and pull possible fonts.

05. Design Execution

Selection of promising logo design concepts and execution of them digitally

After the client reviewed the sketches, logo 4 and the Maze font were expanded upon. The client noted a desire to have a DKNY feel.

06. Presentation

Logo design in the context of applications relevant to the client’s needs